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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 10:26 pm wow
Current Mood: headachy and tired
Current Music: FOX news
Sorry peeps....haven't wrote lately i have been like supa-dupa busy. I have to write a speech (persuasive) tomorrow it is due thursday morning. I also have to write a paper due thursday for history. Then a week from thursday I have a 7 page paper due.......Yikes stripes.........fruit striped gum....lalallallalalalallaaa

I use to love to sing a long to that comercial it was greeeaat. Wow that sounds like Tony the tiger!!!! Thats GRREEAAAAT!!! Yeah

Anyways last weekend I went home to PCB to go to a shower for my besssfiend Hehehee.. since I am her "Matron" of Honor....GOD I feel old. This weekend I have a shower in Pensceoloa.....don't know how to spell it.......rephrase.....i don't care how to spell it. I am excited about this shower.....gregg(husband) is suppose to come to this one with me. Couple shower! yeah!!

Well just thought i should update everyone!

love all

PS. god love him cause i sure do........but today i had no patience for my son, Although i did read him bed time "storIES" And we had chicken stripes together and watched american idol. But he is such a good little boy.......but mommie is headachy! UUUUGHhh

bubye everyone.........love as thou wilt
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Oh No
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Date:April 13th, 2005 04:12 pm (UTC)
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you are so silly
and you will make it through school and look back going - wow i did it!!!
lets do it again :)